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Earn 100% of your set rate. NotedSource avoids the high fees of other networks.

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NotedSource will match you with a company based on your education, publications, and experience

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NotedSource will periodically provide material to help you enhance your external consulting skills

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NotedSource allows you to post videos or links to publications to help build your reputation in a subject

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NotedSource's talent come from both academia and industry. This includes recent graduates, research scientists, MDs, attorneys, professors and much more.

With NotedSource, you are able to supplement your income and make industry connections.

NotedSource members are able to expand opportunities by leveraging knowledge you already have

University degree

Strong communication skills

experience working on remote teams

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What types of backgrounds are we looking for?

adjunct &
Full-time Professors

Both full and part-time professors are welcome. Just be aware that your university may have some restrictions on how often you consult externally.


Postdocs are encouraged to join. You are also able to connect and collaborate with other universities on projects.

Current Grad

External consulting provides you applied experience in your industry and will help your career whether you choose to stay in academia or join a company.


Research scientists can utilize NotedSource to find new opportunities for themselves or for their lab.

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